We're more than just a production park!

Not only do we have our production park, we have other locations around the Atlanta area. Check them out below!

The International Trade Mall

Since 2018, International Trade Mall has been the premier Georgia’s most diverse shopping experience. The International Trade Mall is proud to provide a unique shoppers paradise within our 120,000 square feet facility. Through our exclusive vendors, shoppers can experience authentic products and a vast variety of food options!

Enon Farm

Our up-and-coming new space is a beautiful piece of land we like to call, Enon Farm! We have no opened this space yet but when we do, we will have this space available to those who would like to shoot a film, creative project or events. Stay updated for more updates!

More locations in the Atlanta area!

Our company is a multifaceted company with more locations such as: Gas Station, Skating Rink, 92 Acres (Land), The Peachtree Offices and Olde Town. Click the photos to the right to learn more!

Interested in learning more?

If you’re looking to inquire more about our select locations or are interested in joining one of our locations, please send us a message by clicking the link below.